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Project Description

The PowerShell ISE Team Foundation Add-On Tool provides an easy interface to work with PowerShell scripts that are version-controlled in a TFS Team Project.

Progress as at 23rd January 2012

  • Detects the workspace and the current state (eg check-out) of the currently selected file.
  • Supports Get Latest, Add, Check Out, Check In, and Undo for the currently selected file.

Known Issues

  • Uses saved credentials for TFS but won't prompt.
  • Only works with already mapped workspaces.
  • Get Latest doesn't consider file renames or merging uncommitted changes.
  • Check In accepts a comment but doesn't associate with work items or consider check-in policies.
  • Undo doesn't refresh the file contents in the script pane yet.
  • List of pending changes doesn't always refresh correctly.

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